Another Leafs Loss

Well, the game just ended. I predicted they would lose. And I was right.

However, my loss prediction included them at least SCORING! In order to win hockey games, that’s kind of important. But no. They lost. 5-0. Ouch. A 1-0 loss? That’s a good game. Bad break on one goal. There’s no such thing as 5 bad breaks. That’s called shitty playing.

I was gonna blame Toskala, but I’m not going to. Because this is his first game back in a while. And that’s ok. Maybe he should have been playing a LITTLE better, but I guess we’ll let it slide. Next game, we won’t.

The defence should realize that he might be rusty and step it up! But no. They didn’t. And they lost. And the forwards? Sundin? Antropov? Blake? TUCKER?

C’mon guys. Step it up. Your professionals. Play like some.

Peace and love



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