I Think I’m Obsessed

Wow. 4 posts already. And I started this blog like…less than 24 hours ago. That’s how cool I am.

It’s late. It’s actually 2:41 a.m as a matter of fact. I can’t sleep. I want to. I should. But I can’t.

I’m in a semi-artistic mood, semi-reflective mood. Which would be great if I was in a motivated mood. Sadly, I am not.

I really don’t know why I actually write on here. ‘Cause, I doubt very many people will look at it. But hey, I can’t predict the future. Plus, this is new to me. I’ve only just begun. Hehehe.

That was supposed to be ominous. Too bad it wasn’t.

Ok. Here I go. I’m gonna try to sleep…again. Maybe I’ll listen to some Soma FM. It’s pretty sweet. Ambient music…PERFECT for falling asleep to. Wish me luck.

Peace and love



3 Responses to I Think I’m Obsessed

  1. meltonest says:

    She has a beautiful skin and she is so cute she is so sweet I love her indeed.

  2. Alicia says:

    haha the last time i fell asleep listening to Soma FM i woke up having a weird dream and was confused because it was the end of a song with some odd instrumental noise repeating… freaked me out hahaha.

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