Night Out and A New Tender

Last night I went out with my friends to the Queens Bar in Barrie. It was ok. Not my kind of place. All “clubby” and such. I’m more of a strict bar guy. Calmer. Not as much “boom cha boom cha boom cha” music. But hey, my friends asked me to go so I did.

Well, thanks to that place, I got a MAJOR headache. So bad I had to leave early. Which was lame, ’cause I felt like I was ditching my friends, which I never like doing. So I took a cab home, laid down, and I immediately was out. I slept from 1 am to 2 pm. Wowsa. THAT is a long ass sleep. I think I slept that long because a) My last two nights I had slept a total of 5 hours and b) A headache. So, in a way, the headache was a motivation for me to sleep. And now I feel great! So….go headaches!!

The Leafs play tonight in San Jose. Oh God. They’re screwed. San Jose is red-hot. And the Leafs? *cough* no comment. They even called up Justin Pogge! I hope he plays. I wanna see him get a shutout and become a lead goal-tender. How awesome would that be? Hehe Just a thought.

Peace and love



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