We’ll Leave A Letter…

You know that insanely, yet at the same time awkward stage of the night when your all ready to go bed, you’ve brushed your teeth (if your clean), or you’ve just finished your homework (if your a procrastinator), and you know that it’s “bed time”. It is time to go to bed. “Hit the hay”.


“Hit the hay”? Where the hell did that come from? Did some farmer out in Tennessee or Alberta or something work really hard one day and fell asleep on some hay bales? Only to wake up in the early morning to the purple sunrise and wake up his wife and state “HONEY! I just spent a night outside sleeping on a bale of hay! My head it so hard last night I was out instantly!” Or did somebody make the saying up to sound like he/she had had a hard day, and because you say the word “hay” it automatically means you’ve worked hard and deserve a good night sleep? OK! Enough of that sidebar conversation…

ANYWAY…you know that point of the night? Your ready for bed. You lay your head on your pillow. And you close your eyes. Your relaxed. Your calm. Your comfortable.
And yet
For some reason
Your mind, your consciousness, your soul, or all three will not let you drift away into dream land. Your tired of course! You want to sleep, you have the desire to do so. But you can’t!

Ever have that?
I have.
I’m having it right now.

Perhaps those are the nights where some souls take a break and go out with other souls for a quick drink. They talk about their days, the bodies they inhabit and all the dirty little secrets they can offer. They might complain about the person the inhabit, or be joyous about the body. They’ll laugh and talk and be in merriment for a while, then drift to the bodies which they have been designated to and allow us, to finally, drift to sleep.

I guess I don’t mind so much anymore…my soul deserves a break everyone in a while.

The moral of the story/passage/note? Give yourself a break, give others a break. You’ll be much happier in the long run.

Peace and love


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