Sneakers and Leaders

Ok, I wanna know something. Who the hell studies this kind of stuff?! Seriously! It doesn’t make any friggin sense. Who goes door to door, in suburbia, and goes up to the door, and says:

“HEY! We’re from the Institute of Retarded Shit. We were just wondering, if we could take a moment of your time…DO YOU THINK SNEAKER PURCHASES AFFECT THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW!?”

At that point, you punch the questioner in the head, still his clipboard, and use if for firewood. What the hell is going on? There’s global warming, AID’s, mass starvation, and these guys wanna know if the guy who wears 3 pairs of Nike’s is gonna be the next president.

Sometimes, the idiocy of the human race astounds me.

Peace and love



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