The Problem With My New Job

June 2, 2008

Job Hunting Strangeness, and The Plot of All Plots

April 30, 2008
So today was my job hunting day. Not too fun really. I hate work. Work sucks. I’d rather…well, do anything else to be frank. But my name’s not Frank, it’s Justin. And this is my note. 

I applied to a few different places, places that I would love to work, places that would hate to work but would be easy, and one place where I’ve worked before (not the same store) and felt, at times during that period, that I wanted to jump in front of a moving train. Only problem? There aren’t a lot of trains anymore.

One of these places was Green Earth. I love Green Earth (G.E – ‘Cause I’m cool and hip). It’s got rad stuff in there, all about Buddha and being happy with life. G.E (remember, that means “Green Earth”) even has figurines of fairies and dragons. Anyone who knows me will automatically know that I would love working there. SO. I went up to the counter, to ask quite possibly the most retarded question ever, “Will you take away my free time?” (I didn’t say it like that of course). Two girls, about 19-20 years of age were at the counter. I asked if they had any job openings.

And what happens next? Something that no employee should ever do. They proceeded to…

wait for it..

HIT ON ME! That’s right. I felt…well, actually for about 0.0067 seconds, I was flattered. Then it was awkward. Really awkward. So I ran. Not literally, though in hindsight, that might have been a funny exit strategy…

And just for laughs, and perhaps even more proof that more and more people out there need electroshock therapy, and 18 year old student in Chesterfield, S.C was recently arrested for planning on going to his school with a bomb, blowing the school and himself up, just so he could die, go to heaven, and then, KILL JESUS!

OMG! What the…what the…


I just had a mild heart attack. Wanna read the full story? Of course you do! Go here.

I miss my friends. I miss everybody…

Someone come to Barrie, and hang out with me…it sucks here.

Peace and love