The Problem With My New Job

June 2, 2008

Home, A Unicorn Drum, New Doggy!, and an “Awesome” Keychain

March 20, 2008

This Ends Now

March 5, 2008

Hey everyone, just wanted all who visit this site to check out my room-mates band “This Ends Now”. No, they are not just some garage band, and no, I’m not supporting them just cause my room-mate is in the band. They are seriously really good, and they played a show last night and it was awesome. Add them to MySpace here or add them to Facebook here.

Peace and love


A New CD, Thoughts on Music, and A Link To Languages Lost

March 2, 2008

Hello there! I bought a new CD this week. The CD is from “The Color Fred” called “Bend to Break.” It’s a really good album, and I highly suggest checking it out. You will NOT be disappointed. And if you are? Well, frankly I don’t care. I liked it, I like it, and in the end, that’s what music is about. It’s about listening and enjoying what YOU want to. That’s what’s important. All you can do listen, enjoy, and if you wish, share it. That’s it. Which brings me to something that I truly believe in. 

Music is quite possibly the most personal thing ever. There will always be music. Always. There always has been, and there always be. And to judge or ridicule someone over the type of music they listen to, whether it be folk, rock, jazz, oldies, whatever, is, to put it bluntly, fucking stupid. Why? ‘Cause it is entirely, 100% personal. You can not like a certain genre music, of course! You can hate an artist or a song or a genre all you like, but does that make it bad? NO! IT DOESN’T! AT ALL! Don’t be an idiot and judge someone on the type of music they enjoy. It’s savage.

Finally, follow this link, and you’ll be directed to the “Enduring Voices Project.” Basically, it’s a map that shows the dying languages of the world. Very interesting, and I highly recommend it.

Peace and love


Back To B-Dot, and 25 Important Questions

February 19, 2008

So, alas, the amazing weekend is over. BUT! I’m back in Barrie for only 4 days, and then it’s Reading Week. My final Reading Week to be exact. Plus, the 4 days are pretty easy, one being a day off. So basically, I’m a huge slacker in every possible way. Go. Me. Go.

I was linked today to a site/article about the 25 Most Important Questions in the Universe. Check out the list here. As always, basically being funny is it’s main goal, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Hopefully I get a new video up and going in a day or two. Maybe a compilation thing, of all my best videos. I love the kind of stuff. Anyway, Kevin Smith movies and green tea are calling my name.

Peace and love


What Everyone Already Knows

February 4, 2008

So, the Giants won the Super Bowl…umm..wahoo? Who gives a fuck? Not me. I am happy for Eli Manning. Sometimes people who look like him need some support. Why does he look like a 7 year old with Downs Syndrome every time he throws the ball?

Peace and love


Apple Unleashes…Stuff

January 15, 2008

Ok, here’s the lowdown on what we got from Apple Inc. today:

    -Macbook Air
    -New software for Apple TV
    -iTunes movie rentals
    -Major software upgrades for the iPod Touch and iPhone
    -and Time Capsule, which allows you to wirelessly backup anything you want

Impressive? Absolutely. All of it is. But…I dunno…I think people were expecting…something else. I don’t know what, and I won’t care to delve into that anymore, but….ya…Don’t get me wrong, the Macbook Air is phenomenal. It’s tiny, it’s light, it’s gorgeous, it’s EXPENSIVE AS HELL!

Wow.I’m not really going anywhere with this post so I’m just gonna say this…woopity.

Peace and love